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    Zen Park Didim serve you a profitable investmen with its beauty of nature surrounded by the olive and pine trees, close to the neighborhood of the center of Akbük and the social life facilities..


    It is a town in the province of Aydin Didim. It is surrounded by mountains covered with olive and pine trees around. The length of sea coast of Akbük is 15km.  Carried out by International Environmental Education Foundation-FEE Blue Flag  Program  the prize-winning blue flag beach and the green nature of the famous Akbuk 's economy is based on fishing and tourism. The coast of Akbuk has a natural port-capable and yacht tourism is done in and around. Fish are plentiful and varied. Between the months of May-October, that is the half of the year; sea surface temperature is extremely suitable for diving and water sports.


     One of the most important features of Akbuk is; although the weather is very hot in the summer, it has a low humidity. Akbuk has oxygen-rich, clean air and moisture   content suitable for human health. Because of the topographical structure of the region and it contains a wealth of unique vegetation source, Akbuk has an atmosphere not found anywhere else. It blows from the sea during the daytime, from the mountains at night times. Here is a continuous mixing of the two air flow increases the amount of oxygen in the air makes breathing into a much more comfortable and healing.

     From Akbuk,which is interwoven with history,such places as the temple of Apollo,Miletos, Priene Ephesus, Heraclea, Euromos, Aphrodisia and the transportation to the cities such as  Kuşadası, Bodrum, Didim is between 10-60 min. Due to its easy transportation Akbuk is 50 kilometers from Milas-Bodrum airport and 130 kilometers from Izmir airport.

Akbuk is the rising star of Turkey where three  seasons are lived.

Akbuk is a corner of paradise with beautiful   beaches which has an excellent climate and natural endowments.

Akbuk is the place where the sun blends its light with the hope of blue and the peace of green.

Akbuk is the place where no one can get rid of from being charmed.

We do not exaggerate! Akbuk is the place when you live in, you will understand what we mean.



     Didim, which is extremely fast growing and especially in recent years; it has started to attract attention in the world of tourism and residential area, is one of the end cities.

     The factors that make this place attractive are; Great beaches, crystal clear sea, the layout of the flat area, the historical fabric excellence.... Didim has a marina consisting 600 berths.

     Didim is one of the beautiful holiday resorts of Turkey which has miles of blue flag beaches, warm and shallow sea with hundreds of beautiful bays.




     Altinkum, with no empty space was left for the beach during the holiday season nightlife and shopping opportunities as well, is the center of Didim. Suitable for water sports such as diving, sailing, surfing, parasailing and water skiing.

     Particularly, day or for weekend getaways of close  environment, also transportation convenience,it allows tourists to take the advantage of the beach of Altinkum open to the public. The majority of the hotels are located in Altinkum Beach in Didim.

     The boat tours departing from the Altinkum Marina cruise the surrounding bays and islands around all day. If you want to an excursion to Bodrum, you can use the ferries plying from Altinkum.

     Behind the beach in Altinkum there are accommodation facilities and restaurants.

     Altinkum caters for everyone from seven to seventy, is one of the indispensable places for holidaymakers who want to be intertwined with the sea and the sun beach.

     If you are planning to spend your holiday in Altinkum, should still go to a facility upon reservation which is close to the sea. Because Altinkum beach is very crowded in the summer and almost you cannot find an empty seat to sit. In the early morning swimming in the sea will be good for both your body and you will not complicit in the crowd.


     The Temple of Apollon, which is considered the most impressive independent monument of the coast of western Anatolia, rises at Didim entrance. As well as the monumental size and unique plan of the temple, preserved in very good     condition is admired. The Temple of Apollo in Didim has been made to meet the demands of the people from northern city of Miletus away from 20 km from Didim and other local people want to get  their future learning and finding a cure for ailments. It is known that the visitors from surrounding cities of Miletus reach   the temple with a sacred path out of the land of the Port of Panormos (Near  Mavişehir).



     Medusa is one of the most important symbols of the Didim.It  is one of the three Gorgona female monsters of the underworld in Greek mythology. The snake-haired Medusa is the mortal one from the three sisters and she has the power to gorgonise the people who look at her. For this reason, Medusa embossed and pictures have been used to protect the major structures and special places from evil in ancient times. The garden of the Temple of Apollo is on the right side of Didim entrance.


     During the ancient times it was first called as Latmos bay near the sea, with the disconnection from the sea by the silt carried by the Meander River there are some important large and small islands called Ikizada, Menet and Kahve Asar on that lake. The ruins of churches and monasteries can be seen on the islands.

     The lake, feeds the waters of the Great Menderes floods as well as from sources around the underground and above ground. It has been declared as 'Natural Park 'upon the decision taken on July 8, 1994 due to 'it owns the ecosystem properties within the host and it provides breeding and wintering grounds for the endangered species of birds'.



     A modern village is reached that is a few miles away from Lake Bafa where Heraklia temples can be seen. According to Greek mythology Heraklia is the country of a handsome shepherd Endimon. Zeus granted an eternal youth and sleep to Endimon. Many narrow streets and stone steps of the old city walls, terraces, houses and tombs were hewn into the living rock which is still  occurring. Due to the rising water level in the lake, most of them are under water now. In fact, the market place is surrounded by large columns, doors and panes as well as the shops are still clearly visible. Athena Temple, which was built in the B.C 3rd  Century, located on the set of a rock rising out of the market place. A considerable part of the temple is still standing. In this region, some potteries were found which indicates that there have been people residing from the B.C 6th century.


     Priene means "fortress residence". The most important feature of Priene is being within the limits of Priene that is the 12 Ionian city of convention center. In times Priene was a very important center with two harbors but in time when the Meander River fills the bay, it lost its importance from being a port city. Nowadays, the tourists give importance to Priene and it became one of the places which should be seen by the people who come to Didim and Akbuk.


     2000 years from today plain of Soke was entirely sea and Bafa Lake was in the form of a lake.At this sea sides, the most beautiful cities in the ancient era Miletus, Priene were taking place. Alluvium carried by the Meander River in time; filled firstly the sea in front of Priene and then the area which includes Miletus and Lade Island.During the same period while Ephesus was at the edge of the sea, over time the front side filled and took the shape of today. The distance from Akbuk is 22km.Quite a charming building scheme, the Miletus made by an urban planner Hippodrome, who lived at that time and date of the first application of geometric plan.The theatre located in Miletus approximately for 1500 people takes place for many tourists to visit. Many works are currently being exhibited at the Museum of Miletus.


      According to a legend, one day the chief god Zeus and a poor Miletus discuss on a topic at Miletus Agora. Both sides do not take a step backwards and the discussion goes on. Bored at the end ,Zeus ends the discussion by using the privilege of being a god: "Look at me, don't make me angry anymore, now with a lightning flash I can make you blazing'' Peasant from Miletus fear with aside, in a very quiet way says’ ’Big Zeus, you approved how unfair you are with this anger...'' At the end of the story, no one knows the fate of the peasant Miletus; but it is certain that, Miletus people has a thought of structure identical with god…Just over 2 thousand 600 years ago, the foundations of rational thought and philosophy thrown in this city is not a coincidence...


     On the west coast of Anatolia, in present-day 3 km away from Selcuk district, then became an important ancient Greek, the city of Rome. It was one of the twelve cities of Ionia at the Classical Greek period. Its organization is based on the years of 6000 BC.

     On the ruins of Ephesus, at the frieze of the entrance of Temple of Hadrian the following sentences about the three-thousand-year institution legend located: The king of Kodros's brave son Androcles wants to explore the opposite shore of the Aegean. First, he consults to the priests of the Temple of Apollo in the city of Delphi. The oracles tell him that fish and pigs will establish a city to the place where he points. Androcles thinking about the meaning of these words sails in the blue Aegean Sea... They decide to land when they come at the mouth of the bay of   Kaystros. While they were gridding the fish a wild bear out of the bushes grabbed the fish and escapes. That was the prophecy. They decided to build a city here...


     Ephesus, the main gate between East and West, was an important port city. This location enabled Ephesus as one of the most important political and commercial center and ensured to be the state capital of Asia at the Roman era. Ephesus, does not only owe its importance in ancient times. The greatest temple based on the ancient mother goddess of Anatolia (Kybele) tradition of Artemis culture also located in Ephesus.

     At the 6th century with science, art and culture Ephesus, in the front row along with Miletus, has produced famous people such as wise Heraclitus, interpreter of dreams Artemidoros, poet Callinos and Hipponaks, grammar scholar Zenodotos, doctors Soranus and Rufus.


     Kusadasi is a town in the province Turkey. 71 kilometers away from the city center, located in the inland of the Aegean Region. The county center bounded by Selcuk at the north, Dilek Peninsula where the National Park is at the south, is the focus of the important tourist centers such as Izmir, Ephesus, Virgin Mary, Miletos, Akbuk, Didim, Pamukkale, Marmaris, Bodrum



     Bodrum is a famous region with its castle arising on the peninsula consisting of a combination of eastern and western ports and the white house  lined at the two shores of the harbor, gumbets and narrow streets down to the sea, yachts fame spread throughout the world, shipyards.

     Homer calls the place as the ‘land of eternal blue’, formerly Halicarnassus, then Bodrum is a place which cannot be shared, and for the sake of fighting all the time. Halicarnassus (Bodrum) was one of the important cities of Caria.



     The important nesting areas of Caretta Caretta turtles of the   Mediterranean are very close to Akbük to the coasts of Turkey. Nesting areas in Turkey; Ekincik, Dalyan, Dalaman, Fethiye, Patara vs..

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